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5. June 17
World Environment Day

In cooperation with professor Laurent Mesbah, students of Graphics Design at the American University in BiH presented the Environmental Campaign of AUBiH marking June 5th, the World Environment Day. The date marks the anniversary of UN’s Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm (1972), where discussions on integration of human interactions and environment led to the UN General Assembly adopting the United Nations Environment Programme and designating June 5th as the World Environment Day and.

As part of the requirements for professor Mesbah’s course, students of Graphics Design of American School of Modern Arts designed a series of posters, aiming to raise awareness of the importance of human interactions with nature, as well as the importance of energy and sustainable sources thereof. The exercise was a unique opportunity for students to hone their skills, use their creativity and ultimately, raise the public awareness of the environmental issues over the globe.

Professor Laurent Mesbah noted, “Campaigns such as this one provide an opportunity for young people to raise awareness and understanding of everything on the planet being inherently interlinked and that much can and should be done to save natural resources for current and generations yet to come.”

Campaign mentor professor Mesbah has been devising, implementing and evaluating self-sustainable energy projects and campaign for the past 20 years, both in the Balkans region and abroad. He has been a mainstay of AUBiH’s faculty since 2011.

The exhibition of students’ works has been held marking the World Environment Day and some of the highlighted works can be viewed in our gallery.