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While the traditional focus of security studies has been the phenomenon of international conflict in recent decades, the world has become more interdependent and the number and character of security threats, challenges and risks have become, respectively, more numerous and complex, with many challenges and threats crossing national boundaries and challenging the well-being of the whole globe. Thus, the current list of immediate and long-term threats to national interests now includes inter-state conflicts, abuses of human rights, attacks on civilian populations by terrorist organizations, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and global pandemics. In response to these developments, a new perspective to security has recently emerged, one that prioritizes “human security.”

Services and Benefits

Through this subject area, besides those challenges mentioned above, the NISC will be exploring scientific solutions on societal insecurity, migration, climate change, water and resources, energy insecurity, organized crime (narcotics, arms and human trafficking) and health security issues and challenges. In order to offer possible solutions to contemporary security challenges impacting Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Western Balkans region and the globe as a whole. Also, the NISC will be organizing workshops, conferences and roundtables for academics, experts and practitioners from different subject matter areas that could contribute to finding possible solutions.