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The preservation of global peace is a top priority; the relationship of peace and security is direct, especially in today's era of globalization, when the state becomes more vulnerable to security threats. Furthermore, in a globalized environment, the challenge of maintaining security is no longer limited to traditional foreign policy and military tools but the number of available tools has increased rapidly (diplomatic, legal, economic, social, cultural, moral, etc.).

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In this sphere, NISC recognizes the importance of an active approach to building effective capacities to counter new security challenges which is why the NISC team strives to offer fresh views on global security trends through a scientific research approach. Furthermore, it is important to point out the connection of these trends in an effort to secure global peace and stability. It should be noted that in today's world filled with asymmetric threats, maintaining a satisfactory level of security cannot be achieved through the traditional approach of the use of military force and power, but more through a new approach which uses the elements of soft power.