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Primarly, Internal Security represents the degree of security protection of the individual and the society in general. This is primarily reflected by the ability state to provide to the individuals with an adequate level of security which enables them to freely perform their daily needs. In particular, the state with its security apparatus (police, public services, medical services, social services, etc.) establishes certain safety standards whose execution demonstrates to citizens the effectiveness of the security apparatus. In accordance with the efficiency of the security apparatus of the state, citizens have a sense of the level of their individual security.

Services and Benefits

NISC gives special attention to the area of internal security because it believes that internal security is the basis for all other types of security (individual, regional, international, global). That is why in our work we focus on research and analysis of models for improving the internal security system. In this direction, we cooperate with relevant security agencies and publish manuals, analyses, recommendations and the best practices of various countries, which empowers professionals in the field of security to constantly improve their work and use the scientific achievements in this area.