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Dear prospective student:
Welcome to AUBiH Online, the online face for American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an honor and a privilege for me to be a part of AUBiH Online services as we strive to meet the needs and challenges of the modern student with global ambitions. The goal of AUBiH Online is to help you meet your education desires and needs in a way that leverages the power of technology.
We at AUBiH recognize that the landscape of education is changing, and we believe this is for the better. Many students are looking to expand their horizons from the comfort of their own home or office. The reasons they seek to do this are numerous and can include:

  1. The chance to study with a truly international university
  2. Enhancing knowledge about a subject area or areas that fits a constrained schedule
  3. Personal situations that prevent them from attending a traditional brick and mortar university
  4. Personal enrichment of classes delivered by top professors around the world
  5. Access to perspectives gained only from professors with special backgrounds that make them uniquely qualified in their subject areas
  6. Taking classes for credit before trying out the full university experience
  7. Taking classes for credit to supplement learning at another institution

Of course, we will offer our classes which we already teach during the course of our degrees. We already have the technology to offer hybrid classes that deliver the rich experiences of the classroom environment mixed with online interaction and participation. However, we want to offer more, much more. We want to be able to offer our distinct content to you, our perspective student. While our hybrid courses are related to our degree topics, our special online content will be based on topics in which we have unique perspective and expertise.

AUBiH Online will not only present our world-class teaching, but we will take advantage of our position in the Balkans and in BiH in order to present special material that is related to this region and its importance on the world stage. We will seek to constantly grow our content in order to give you a richer and fuller student experience. We here at AUBiH look forward to working with you in order to help you achieve your educational goals as we strive to educate the world. I, and my dedicated team of professionals, look forward to being your portal to education in the 21st century.