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All AUBiH students are invited to become member in student clubs. Besides being a source of entertainment, relaxation and friendship, participation in these activities is an added value to the academic development of students. These activities help in gaining new friends and improving development of different skills.

If you would like to design a web page, student newsletter, be a part of various sports activities, improve communication, leadership, organizational and other skills, AUBiH has what you need. If you cannot find a club that suits you, form your own club! The Department of Student Services is here to help you with advice and support in the realization of your ideas.

The goal of student clubs is to help students develop skills such as leadership, presentation, organizational and entrepreneurial skills, to help you engage around the same goals and interests, help you serve the community and to promote University values.

Student clubs also deepen the relationship of student to professor through the professors' active role as advisor in student clubs.

  1. Graphic and Multimedia Design Club
  2. American Cultural Club
  3. Score Big American University Academy (AUA)
  4. Future Leaders of Bosnia
  5. IT Club