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Being a student at AUBiH means, besides academic engagement, to participate in rich variety of extracurricular sports, social and cultural activities.

During your studies at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), Student Services offers a variety of services that combine learning and extracurricular activities. It gives you the information, introduces you to the codes of AUBIH, creates programs aimed at your involvement in the educational processes and advises you on how to improve your life skills. Our activities help you to develop and build character that encourages you, not only to believe in yourself, but to become a prominent member of the community. In order for you to have a clear picture of what Student Services does, here is a list of some of our activities:

  1. Record and Registration of students at AUBiH
  2. Organizing Guest Lectures of renowned experts in various fields
  3. Managing Practices and Study Visits for students in renowned companies and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad (Career Development Center)
  4. Helping students to develop soft skills and establish professional networks toward obtaining quality employment (Career Development Center)
  5. Arranging excursions, social and cultural activities that are not associated with AUBiH courses, but provide unique opportunities to learn and have fun with fellow students
  6. Helping develop sportsmanship through sports activities such as basketball, soccer, fitness club, gym, etc.
  7. Coordinating and overseeing the work of students clubs
  8. Coordinating the work of the Student Union
  9. Arranging the "Work and Travel Program (USA)" which covers staying in the US for several months in order to work and learn the language
  10. Measuring student satisfaction through various surveys
  11. Counseling for students and parents (Center for Student Conduct and Behavior)
  12. Managing the Alumni Association (establishing permanent links between graduate students and faculty, encouraging their continuing education, training, creating and deepening business contacts, organizing parties, meetings and so on).