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American University in the Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only institution in Southeast Europe that has been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), the Ministry of Education and the Department of Higher Education of the US. ACICS was founded in 1912 and it’s the largest national accrediting organization of degree-granting institutions. ACICS accredits professional, technical and occupational programs and is one of two national accreditors recognized by both the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


The U.S. education system is a career-oriented education system composed of liberal arts and general education requirement courses. AUBiH provides a learning process based on practical experiences, creative thinking and analytical decision-making in both the classroom and the laboratory. Students utilize hands-on case studies, practical work (Co-ops) with an assigned mentor and team building that altogether prepare them for professional employment in the global marketplace.


Through the services of the Career Development Center (CDC), AUBiH creates highly educated individuals with academic knowledge, professional skills and a proficiency in the English language, which attracts leading local and international corporative, government and non-profit institutions to offer professional internships for AUBiH students and graduates. Career management and the CDC support students to identify business opportunities that are based on individual strengths, interests, and academic talents. The CDC offers a variety of services for AUBiH students and graduates including: structure method and advice in drafting a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and letter of motivation, individual counseling as a support for students in identifying their professional interests and aspirations, interview simulations and etiquette training, campus recruiting by local and international companies and organizations and support in preparing graduate applications.

One of the main objectives of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina is employment of its graduates within the period of six months after graduation. The entire system of education, including the Career Development Center, enables students to gain knowledge, skills, working habits and experience acquired throughout internships, which are the platform for future employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union, the United States of America, Turkey, and countries of the Middle East or elsewhere in the world.


In accordance with the mission of the University, AUBiH provides a quality university education, adjusted to the national and international labor market, that follows world trends in specialized areas of economics, information technology, engineering, law, international relations and diplomacy, security and defense, industrial technologies and graphicart. 


In the past 10 years of its existence, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has proven that its graduates are prepared to compete in the world market finding jobs at some of the world’s best companies such as Google, KPMG, EBRD, PWC, Oracle, banks, institutions in the US, BiH and EU.  


All of our classes are held in the English language, the leading language of international business and academia. Attending an English-speaking university appropriately prepares students for continuing education or a professional career in English-speaking countries, and better communication within both the global business and academic community. With an acquired level of English gained through studying in English for four years, students will be way ahead of their competitors when applying for jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina or anywhere else in the world.


AUBiH has initiated a digitalization of the entire education process, which enables the students to improve focus and concentration in the learning process. With this, AUBiH has taken part in a process that has radically transformed academic practice all over the world. AUBiH uses the Learning Management System (LMS) where all classes have audio, video and material posted to enable the students to follow the live classes or to review lectures if they are not able to attend. During enrollment, all students are assigned AUBiH email addresses, usernames and passwords for the use of LMS. Interaction between faculty and students who are not able to attend classes takes place via the virtual classroom, email, Skype and in person based upon their prior agreement.


Tuition at AUBiH is adjusted upon a low standard of living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the academic year 2017/18, tuition for BiH residents is: 4.750 BAM for Bachelor studies; 7.500 BAM for MA studies, and 25.000 BAM for doctoral studies. AUBiH also offers the possibility of payment through two, six and twelve installments.


All AUBiH students are invited to become members in student clubs. Besides being a source of entertainment, relaxation and friendship, participation in these activities is an added value to the academic development of students. These activities help in gaining new friends and improving development of different skills. The goal of student clubs is to help students develop skills such as leadership, presentation, organizational and entrepreneurial skills, to help you engage around the same goals and interests, and to you them serve the community and to promote University values. Student clubs also deepen the relationship of student to professor through the professors active role as adviser in student clubs.


AUBiH strategically and continuously invests in research development through diverse research institutes and centers. Exceptional students have an opportunity to conduct research projects and improve skills and competences learning from experienced scientists. Students are encouraged to present own scientific or innovative ideas, which, together with AUBiH research team will be further developed.