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American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a career-oriented university based on American educational principles. It is located in the heart of growing Balkan and Southeastern economies. The University promotes the idea of an American humanistic education and encourages free exchange of ideas and open interaction within its diverse student body.

Students who decide to get an education at AUBiH are dynamic, highly intelligent and motivated. These students understand that critical thinking and a creative approach, in an atmosphere of diversity and tolerance, are skills crucial for professionals in a modern society.

Our prestigious academic staff at AUBiH, educated at the best universities, comes from the United States, several European countries as well as local universities. Guided with the desire to help the region overcome its dark past, and to set strong foundations for the future, professors at AUBiH are dedicated to teaching methods which encourage individual thinking and self initiative. Attention needed for complete development of personal talent and stepping up to leadership positions in society and the region is bestowed upon each student. Working student groups consist of an optimal student number (20-25) and are interactive. The language used during lectures is English.

At all facilities of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, higher education is acquired through regular and distance learning lectures. Studies at AUBiH are based on accredited study programs and are developed in accordance with the European ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) rules of study, and are also in accordance with programs of similar universities in the U.S. Undergraduate study leads to the academic title of Bachelor Degree or the equivalent, obtained after a minimum three or maximum four years of studies after high school, and with at least 240 ECTS or 120 US credits. Master's studies last in principle 2 semesters worth 60 ECTS credits or 30 US credits. One semester of studies is composed of 30 ECTS or 15 US credits. A sum of 60 ECTS credits or 30 US credits is equivalent to an average overall engagement of students in the framework of a 40-hour week during one school year. Overall engagement of students is comprised of classes (lectures, practice, experiments, seminars, etc.), individual work, colloquiums, exams, senior projects, volunteer work in local community and other types of engagements. Types and methods which allow realization of teaching and educational processes for all types of studies create conditions for high motivation of students, active relationship of students through interaction and participation in the teaching process and enabling of the teaching process within pedagogical workshops in which students actively work on class material and realize efficient models of interactive communication and planned scholastic results, individually or with the help of the teaching staff.

AUBiH has developed its own system of quality assurance in order to ensure the realization of its mission. Self-evaluation is conducted in the manner and procedure stated in the Act of Quality Assurance.