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For students interested in taking regularly offered AUBiH courses, consider coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a visiting International student! International students have the chance to take courses in any of our regularly offered degree programs for a semester or a year at any of our campuses. Students are able to continue their studies in a broad range of majors including International Finance, International Marketing, Management, International Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, National and International Security, Information Technology, Programming, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Industrial Technology and Graphic Design and Multimedia and more! International students are integrated with local AUBiH and Study Abroad students and gain a unique view of life and culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Both options allow students to travel extensively around the incredible landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the surrounding region, study the languages of the country (Bosnian - Serbian - Croatian) and possibly take up an internship in an international organization or NGO. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers first class education taught entirely in English by International, American and BiH professors.

If you would like to come to AUBiH as an International Student to take AUBiH regularly offered courses, please check our available programs and program descriptions.

After deciding your program of interest you can fill out an Application Form.

Should you have any questions regarding the program or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Study Abroad at studyabroad@aubih.edu

Keep in mind that a Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language course is also available for International Students but is not listed as a regularly offered course. Contact studyabroad@aubih.edu if you are interested in registering for the language course.